Perfect Solutions to Digitize your Business

Logistech accelerates businesses by giving them access to global technology. Best tools to automate processes, affordable software to track the scale of their business.

logistech bms company management software

Offline Capable

Seamlessly connects when your network goes down or your operations go offshore. We save your data on the cloud as soon as your connection comes back online.

logistech bms company management software offline capable

Intuitive Analytics

Customizable dashboards helps you monitor your business however you want, even when you’re away.

logistech bms company management software intuitive analytics

Go Cashless

Cashless NFC technology increases customer spending and our built-in sales software can reduce labor cost and upgrade your guest experience.

logistech bms company management software go cashless

Fully Customizable

Chose which settings work best for you with pre-programmed options to suit your unique business needs.

logistech bms company management software fully customizable

Easy Integrations

We’ve partnered up with top-tier softwares in the market to simplify your business workflows.

logistech bms company management software easy integrations

Payment Gateways

Smart solutions with online payment or in person, choose from many options or connect your current provider.

logistech bms company management software payment gateways

What sets Logistech Apart

We believe in providing complete, reliable, and affordable solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries.

Fully-integrated with Payment
Gateways and top-tier Platforms.

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    Guaranteed Secure Payment
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    Easy Claims & Refund Process
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    Accurate Data syncing

Secure payment processes and seamless software integrations are both vital for business success. We've aligned with industry-leading payment gateways and platforms to streamline online payments and in-house transactions, ensuring an efficient experience for your Guests and operational efficiency.

Drive Business Success with
Data-Driven Insights

  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • Visualize Data Effectively
  • Robust Data Security

In today's data-driven business world, making informed decisions is crucial. Our Data Analytics equips you with the tools to maximize your data's potential and propel your business forward

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Optimized User Experience

Logistech BMS is crafted for seamless navigation, efficient onboarding, and accessible features, saving you time and effort. Our aim is to empower you with tools that optimize business operations and elevate user experience. We prioritize intuitive, user-friendly software for all skill levels.

We believe that softwares should be intuitive, accessible, and easy to use for users of all skill levels.



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Our Use Cases

Explore How We Streamline Operations, Enhance Customer Experience & Drive Success.

Island Resort

Efficiently manage luxury resort operations for exclusive private island getaways. Enhance guest experiences and optimize resource allocation.

Island Resort

Island Resort

Travel & Tours

Travel & Tours

Luxury Cruises

Luxury Cruises

Restaurant & Bars

Restaurant & Bars

Hotel &Hostels

Hotel &Hostels


The Trust From Clients

“My small business was quickly growing, and I was slowly losing hands-on control. Logistech BMS was able to build me software that was designed especially for my company and to focus on the things I wanted to achieve. All the data is sorted and easy to read. It has been the main reason I’m able to maintain my core values and integrity across all my companies.”


“Logistech BMS made managing my entire business so much easier. I used to need to ask my manager to send me reports but now they are generated automatically. My accountant is happiest as she doesn’t need to prepare accounting reports. And I have so much time to focus on new partnerships now.”


“Logistech BMS is great for managing organizations, but what I liked the most was the technical support they gave us after launching. With every problem I had, they replied instantly and walked me through the process one-on-one until I felt I was comfortable to continue on my own. ”

Frequently Asked Question

Contact us for Support

Yes, although we are primarily in the business of software-as-a-service, we do get a lot of requests from our clients regarding the hardwares so we have partnered up with hardware providers for you to purchase hardwares from at a cost that is normally lower than the market price.

The Guest Management Software is a web-based software that normally runs on any desktop device. The ordering system (Point of Sales) also runs on web browsers and Windows devices. We are releasing the android version on third quarter of 2023.

We have existing integrations below:
1. Cloudbeds, for Hotels, Hostels and Hospitality establishments to send sales data to the Guest account.
2. Megapay, is a payment teway that allows businesses to request payment from customers.
We are adding more integrations every day which will be available for use by all our software license users.
We also do on-demand integrations with your favorite Softwares upon your request as long as the third-party software either have existing public API’s (Application Programming Interface) or agrees to give us access to their API.

Megapay accepts all bank cards in Vietnam (also known as NAPAS), Visa, Mastercard, JCB and more.

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), in order to understand your requirements better, our team of experts need to consult your organization for a minimum of two (2) weeks at a very minimal consultation fee of USD 13.00 per hour. This includes a Consultant, Business Analyst and a Software Architect.

On average, without any required customizations, deployment to one location location takes about 1-2 weeks as follows:
1) 2-3 days - Local Area Network (LAN) setup to connect the printers to the system.
2) 2-3 days - Training & Deployment.
If customizations are required, the onboarding process duration depends on various factors, including the complexity of your business requirements, the customization needed for the software, and/or if there is data for migration required. An example of the deployment timeline would be as follows:
1) 2-4 weeks - Consultation
2) 2-6 months - Development
3) 1-2 weeks per location - Training & Deployment

Logistech takes your data storage and security seriously and this is in fact on top of our priorities. As part of our policies and procedures, we utilize industry-standard data encryption protocols to safeguard your data from unauthorized access. Your data is stored in secure servers with regular backups to ensure data integrity and availability. We also comply with relevant data protection regulations and laws, and do not share your data with third parties without your explicit consent. Our data storage practices are designed to protect your data and provide you with peace of mind regarding the security and privacy of your information.

We charge a base price of USD 89.00 per month (Billed every 2 years or depending on the contract) which includes 5 users. Any additional user is charged USD 7.00/month. To get your accurate pricing quote for Logistech BMS, please contact our industry experts at . We also offer a free trial or demo to explore the features and capabilities of our software before making a purchase decision.